2008OCT05 . results

here's the entries from the top votes down, after #5 it's random. individual tracks can be right-click-downloaded.

2008OCT03 . votpaq

at last:
dunknesfunk_dat_votpaq.zip ~ 857kb
dunknesfunk_mp3_votpaq.zip ~ 49mb

2008OCT01 . straglers

seven submits in, waiting a few hours for the straglers. expect a vote pack on friday oct 3rd. people who submit get three vote tokens to scatter at the tracks as they see fit. it all happens via emaail.

2008SEPT12 . rules

make a track in lgpt with the provided sample pack: lgptDrunkNesFuck.zip

sample manipulation rules are:
a) the original samples must be left intact
b) you are allowed to add to the samples directory
c) the total size of the samples directory can not exceed 64kb unzipped

deadline: oct 1st

submit: mp3 & lgpt sav 2 the gmail addrss of cogthrob


2008SEPT11 . banter

n0s|lap: B00daW: I'm up for a NES pack
herr_prof: yea dude
B00daW: You have to be a sell-out and spend your money on what's new and cool and make music that makes people think about drinking and fucking.
herr_prof: we would love a virta nes for piggy :D
n0s|lap: i'll take care of the drink n fuck part
B00daW: herr_prof: Simple.
B00daW: http://ekid.nintendev.com/nes.htm
B00daW: rip the samples out of this s3m
k9d: where is the zip
herr_prof: http://toilville.com/pigskins/lgptNES.zip
jonbro: that a samp pack?
herr_prof: it is
herr_prof: 42k of LLUV
jonbro: coolu